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Independent Stroke Support Group

Know the Signs
Balance/Coordination Problem
Eye/Vision  Problems
Face  Droops
Arm/Leg  Weakens
Speaking Problems
Terrible  Headache/Tongue crooked

     Time - Call 911

There are so many things published about stroke.  They are all disconnected and very difficult for the stroke survivor to find.  This site makes an attempt at providing data in a single place by taking what is reliable out on the internet and putting it here.

Also, many sites are designed to sell a book about one's miraculous recovery or the latest product that will cure what ails you.  In this site we concentrate on no-cost/low cost informative information that will help you. 

Remember, always consult with your doctors, PT and OT before trying anything new.

May is Stroke Awareness month and UNC Comprehensive Stroke Center let us re-publish their 31 day Wellness Challenge. 
 Click the link below and become engaged!

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